Cafe™ Collection Seating ONLY


Cafe™ Collection Seating ONLY

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When your need calls for great looking, long lasting tables and seating options for indoors or outdoors, Cafe Collection is the right choice. Choose from 18″ or 30″ tall freestanding chairs with perforated or custom laser cut backs. Surface mount options include 18″ or 30″ high perforated or custom lasercut back seats, perforated backless benches or round stools. Order Pedestal and table top separately. All pedestal mounted seats are available as fixed or swiveling.

Seating Options (click on model number for details):

  • CF18PC 18″ chair, custom
  • CF18PCP 18″ pedestal backed seat, custom
  • CF18RDP 18″ pedestal stool, solid
  • CF18ST 18″ chair, perforated
  • CF18STP 18″ pedestal backed seat, perforated
  • CF18STXP 18″ pedestal backless seat, perforated
  • CF30PC 30″ high top chair, custom
  • CF30PCP 30″ high top pedestal backed seat, custom
  • CF30RDP 30″ high top pedestal stool, solid
  • CF30ST 30″ high top chair, perforated
  • CF30STP 30″ high top pedestal backed seat, perforated
  • CF30STXP 30″ high top pedestal backless seat, perforated

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CF18PC 18" chair, custom, CF18PCP 18" pedestal backed seat, custom, CF18RDP 18" pedestal stool, solid, CF18ST 18" chair, perforated, CF18STP 18" pedestal backed seat, perforated, CF18STXP 18" pedestal backless seat, perforated, CF30PC 30" high top chair, custom, CF30PCP 30" high top pedestal backed seat, custom, CF30RDP 30" high top pedestal stool, solid, CF30ST 30" high top chair, perforated, CF30STP 30" high top pedestal backed seat, perforated, CF30STXP 30" high top pedestal backless seat, perforated

Seating Type

Fixed, Freestanding, Swiveling

Powder Coating Color

Architectural Bronze, Cherry, Ecoblue, Eggshell, Glacier, Grape, Hunter, Husker, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Penny, Pewter, Primer, Raven, Rustic